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London Barfly Review - Rock Channel

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Live: American Head Charge
Barfly, London
18 December 2004

American Head Charge: recharged reintroduction to re-feeding

The six members make the stage seem distinctly small but the sounds are as huge as [still being rebuilt] Wembelee Stadium. American Head Charge are in town to play one-of-four Kerrang! sponsored pre-Chrimbo shows to reintroduce themselves and air some new tunes from Feb-due second album, ‘The Feeding’. The band is back after almost two years of all-kindsa turmoil.

With a new contract in their back pocket this Minneapolis combo is ready to prove that they are true contenders, the opportunity denied to AHC when their debut album ‘The War of Art’ got effectively banned in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. The band played extensively - including the OzzFest 2001 - but when you couldn’t get their album in American stores, there was little chance of getting to the play-off [alike their local basketball team, the Timbervolwes finals.

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