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May 2, 200512 years ago

American Head Charge Try To Come To Grips With Bandmate's Death

Bassist Chad Hanks recalls terrible moment when he found out Bryan Ottoson had died.

By the time American Head Charge's tour bus pulled to a stop outside the Plex in North Charleston, South Carolina, just before 6 a.m. on April 19, Bryan Ottoson was already dead. Somewhere between Baltimore and North Charleston, Ottoson stopped breathing. But American Head Charge's guitarist died doing something bassist Chad Hanks says he loved to do.

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April 18, 200512 years ago

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February 19, 200512 years ago

Kerrang - The Feeding Review - 02/19/2005

Kerrang - The Feeding Review - 02/19/2005 Read more
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February 10, 200512 years ago

The Feeding Review - Sea of Tranquility

This record will be the next commercial-metal success. You will find it in record shops for a long time to come – alongside Mastadon, The Mars Volta, Shadows Fall and System Of A Down. Will it deserve the spotlight that will surely fall on it? Frankly - yes. Read more
January 17, 200512 years ago - The Feeding Review

New York, NY – Nitrus/DRT recording artist American Head Charge will release their long-awaited new album, The Feeding, February 15, 2005. The band will embark on a month long tour with Otep beginning January 21 in Madison, WI. Read more
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December 18, 200412 years ago

London Barfly Review - Rock Channel

The six members make the stage seem distinctly small but the sounds are as huge as [still being rebuilt] Wembelee Stadium. American Head Charge are in town to play one-of-four Kerrang! sponsored pre-Chrimbo shows to reintroduce themselves and air some new tunes from Feb-due second album, ‘The Feeding’. The band is back after almost two years of all-kindsa turmoil. Read more